My Childhood Dream

All children dream about what they want to be when we ‘grow up’.

For me I always wanted to be an Author. I would constantly dream up plots and characters.

My only barrier was that I sucked at English. I was really bad at spelling, I could never understand the difference between a noun or an adverb, and I couldn’t construct a sentence to save myself. Add to that I was a lazy reader.

Instead, I excelled at Maths and Physical Education.

Through my adult life I ended up in a career in public administration and management -both areas that follow very structured and rigid Bureaucratic processes.

Deep down I never lost my dream to be an author.

Its been over 25 years since I left school – every now and again I have dabbled in writing; usually poetry, but occasionally I get the urge to write a novel again.

I have that urge now!

That is part of the reason I started this Blog – as a means for my self expression.

I still have ideas for writing a novel. I like many genre’s from Fantasy to Thriller, from Sci fi to Mystery, from adventure to Romance.

I think I’ll start with a Thriller of sorts.

I am at the stage of generating Ideas. If you are reading this I would like your help for ideas. Ideas for characters (think of some of the people you know and describe them), Ideas for scenes (locations), Ideas for props or items. I got this idea from one of my lecturers at university a couple of years back. Just ask people for random ideas as a way of addressing writers block or as a way to start the momentum for your writing.

So fire away – post your ideas no matter how radical, dull, or crazy. I will see how many ideas I can incorporate into my story.

Thanks for sharing in my Childhood Dream!



1 thought on “My Childhood Dream

  1. Interesting … I do not recall ever thinking about being an author. But I always wrote. Even, and perhaps especially when faced with the prospect of a whole new language. You may like to read what Charles Bukowski said about writing … or Zadie Smith’s ‘ten commandments on writing’; There are plenty of others. That said – if you feel like writing – do! Best of Luck!


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