Life’s Challenges

pexels-photo-612999.jpegwhen staring back at the canvas of my life 

the smearing of pointless daily busyness

drowns the foreground

but as I focus deeper into the rendering

pockets of colour start to surface

first among these pockets are those that I love

my family, my friends, and especially my one true

they create the focus points that everything else hangs off

they bring the Landscape meaning

the second layer of pockets are my memories

magical moments that I have treasured

but like treasure have been buried beneath the sand

strangely the memories are all good

the bad ones seem to blend into the blurring surroundings 

the good ones provide the acrylics and oils that form the feature (that is life)

the last of the pockets are the challenges

those moments of success

after the many failures

these are the things that define who I am

how I came to be that person

and the values I hold true

like the Art Critic I question the Portrait’s meaning

if these pockets of colour Are so important

the ones I love, memories, and challenges  

why are they blurred by the brushing of the meaningless?

I stop – I ponder – I rethink

set a new canvas

this time as I dip the brushes into life’s challenges

I will capture those pockets

And turn them into a masterpiece


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