Do You Want More Readers? Write like Yourself

As one who is very new to Blogging, and someone who has always wanted to right, this is great advice. Thanks

The Art of Blogging

Who are you, exactly? Are you the name your parents chose for you? The house you were born in? The books you’ve read? The movies you watched as a kid? The people you spend the most time with?

Who’s you? And when is that you the most authentic you? When around other people, or when by yourself? Are you made up of the noise around you or the silence within? Or is it the other way around?

Are you your thoughts? Which ones? The ones you have early in the morning, or the ones that you have late at night?

Are you words and stardust? Are you a bit of magic, too? Or are you simply the physical manifestation of the universe trying to understand itself?

Who do you believe you are? The one staring back whenever you step in front of a mirror?

Are you who you want…

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