Saviour The Now

happier dogWe have just passed 4 May – International Star Wars Day.

This made me think of one my favourite scenes in the whole series. it was in Empire Strikes Back, where Yoda is trying to train Luke. One of great lessons to Luke was to “keep focused on the now” not worry about the past or the future (especially the unknown future).

There is some real truth in applying this lesson to our own lives. We live in this crazy world, where we are constantly focused on tomorrow. Everything is about tomorrow. We need to save for tomorrow. We continuously have to upskill and focus our efforts for the outcome of tomorrow.

We are so focused on the future that we very rarely have our focus on the NOW. We seldom stop to look at our surroundings, or appreciate the moment we are in.

I believe that we miss out on a lot of what our lives have to offer because we’re running so fast with our eyes on a target further down the track; everything just flies past us like we’re on the Eurostar.

This picture says it all.

From now on I am going to remember the Dog!


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