Clearing the Soul

As a young adult one of my main passions was hiking (or Tramping as we call it in NZ). Spending 2-5 days walking through New Zealand’s stunning Southern Alps and coast lines.

Along with my brother and sister and a small group of our school friends this would be a common holiday outing. Everyone piling into a couple of cars and heading for the mountains.

The days would be long; sometimes walking for up to 7 hours. Through rugged mountainous terrain and along alpine streams. Across back-country farmland and through crystal clear rivers. We carried all our food and cooking equipment and sometimes a tent as well.

I remember these times with great fondness. Some of the places we went to were so majestic, and other surreal.

Well after almost 20 years I finally returned to my youthful passion. I have just returned from four days of hiking one of New Zealand’s Great Walks. Thanks to my Brother for planning this!

This 64km, Soul-Reviving journey took me back to the mountain-tops. The Freshness of cool alpine air. New friends (from all over the world) who shared the huts we stayed in. And the great comradery that has continued with my brother.

While my legs and feet ached, my soul and spirit was revived. I felt alive again.

Thanks Bro! This Blog is for you.


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