A Still Life Without You

this is a poem I wrote in memory of childhood


Frozen with the suspense of time

Longing to be moved by your presence again

Crippled and helpless

We gaze at the sights around us


In the East the Fiery Dragon shadows the castle

Motionless crystalline eyes stare

Empty and hollow

It’s power and magnificence a long lost memory


In amongst the town setting to the North deprived of power

The Electric Locomotive rests at the lone railway crossing

Unplugged and unwanted

Will it ever clickity-clack again?


High upon the Cliff in the West in the choreograph of a Madame Tussaud

Two Jedi Masters face off, light – sabres intertwined

Undecided and unmoving

The fate of the galactic empire hanging in suspense


Across the central plains stretches a maze of roads

Like an old western ghost town

Empty and Untraveled

The cars and trucks lie hidden away in their graves


Southwest in the raised mountain lake the only signs of life that remain

The flame-skinned Sahuagin swim through thick underwater forests and caverns

Aimless and Repetitive

Awaiting the return of the food deity


‘Though time’s wheel is in motion the landscape remains unchanged

We lie on you bed, propped between pillows

Unjudging and unthinking

Patiently waiting for the day of your return


On behalf of all of those above,

Yours truly, Buzz, Spidey and Ted.


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