Politics! whether your interested in it or not, politics does impact us all.

As young adult I had no interest in politics. It didn’t matter who was in power, left or right, they were all the out to make our lives more difficult. At least that was the message that was the most influential to us recent additions to adulthood.

But as time passes and you develop life skills it becomes more apparent that politics does matter.

This is a topic that has grown on me. And something that I am quite passionate about now. A year and half ago I got involved in local politics, and became a councillor for my District Council. To this day I enjoy this role and the chance to make a difference to my community.

And last year I made a run for the local MP role. While I wasn’t successful in that, the experience was worth it. I have a lot of respect for the guy that did get elected; he’s really making a difference out there.

Then there’s the ongoing and ever-polarising debate over which end of the spectrum to support and who to vote for.

This page is dedicated to my political ramblings. I welcome your debate and discussion over all things political.


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